[Windows] Add Disk Space After Upgrading Windows VPS Server Package


This tutorial will show you how to increase disk space after upgrading Windows Server package. All other resources like RAM, CPU and so on are increased automatically but you will need to perform some additional steps in order to utilize the new disk space that is available for your server. In Windows Server you can merge the newly available disk space into one drive by expanding your original drive.

How to Extend your Drive

  1. Connect to your Windows Server via RDP.

  2. From the desktop of your Windows Server, open the Server Manager and select Tools > Computer Management.

  3. Under the Storage folder in the left pane, select Disk Management. The left pane of Disk Management displays the currently formatted hard drive for your server which is generally (C:), and the right pane displays the amount of unallocated space.

  4. Select the C:\ drive and right-click on it. Choose Extend Volume from the drop down menu. This will open the Extend Volume Wizard. Click Next to begin the process.

  5. To add all available space to your C:\ drive (Disk 0) you can keep the default selections and press Next. You will now see the C:\ drive expand to the maximum available space.

  6. To finalize the modifications click Finish.

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