How to manage my DNS records for my domain


NB: This only applies if you purchased only domain without a hosting package. If you have a hosting package, use Zone Editor in cPanel to manage your DNS records

  1. Go to:
[]( "srs")
  1. Select Customer from the dropdown

  2. Click Forgot password then use your email address to reset the password.

  3. After you login, go to Manage orders menu, then List Orders.

  4. You will find your domains there. Click on the one you want to modify and proceed.

    To Modify DNS records:

  5. Before setting any DNS records like A, CNAME etc, first change the Nameservers to the ones provided below otherwise the DNS records will not work.

    Under Domain Registration section, click Name Servers.
    Remove the existing nameservers by deleting the entries in the Name Server text boxes.

    After that, enter the nameservers below and click Update Nameservers:

  6. After updating the nameservers, scroll to DNS Management section and click Manage DNS under it. You can add the respective A, CNAME and other records in the interface that opens.

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