Backup Policies



Ultrahostghana runs automatic backup once a week on a random day, and each backup overwrites any previous backups. At any time, only one week of backups are kept at a time. Ultrahostghana does not generate backups of expired or suspended accounts.

Shared and Reseller Plans

Ultrahostghana generates full backups on shared servers for accounts that are under 10GB and 100,000 inodes. If the account is bigger than 10GB or exceeds 100,000 inodes, Ultrahostghana reserves the right not to generate the backup automatically. However, a client may generate backups from his cPanel at any time regardless of the account size, in which case, the backup should not be kept on the server. Our routine server maintenance service automatically deletes backup files that are kept on the shared servers. Ultrahostghana stores a single automatically generated backup of each account which is up to 7 days old and up to 10GB in size, older automatically generated backups of accounts are not stored. Ultrahostghana is not liable for any loss of content if the backup has not been generated, it is the Subscriber's sole responsibility to safeguard the account data.

For Reseller plans, these limits apply to each cPanel individually. <br> <br> VPS Packages <br> The VPS packages do not come with backups. Backups are provided at a monthly fee upon request. <br> <br> NB:

Due to the high cost involved in making and keeping of backups, Ultrahostghana provides backups as a courtesy and are not guaranteed neither is it an obligation. Customers are responsible for their own backups and web content and should make their own backups for extra protection.

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